What are the main things you like to do in Washington, D.C?
2005-12-22 12:40:27 UTC
What are the best - Nightclubs? museums? parks? And why the best?
Three answers:
2005-12-22 12:50:30 UTC
Go to the Smithsonian Institute. It's not just one museum. It's a series of buildings along the Mall and the National Zoo. I can't even remember what they all are, but you have to see them. You can't see it all in one day, and they only show a small fraction of what they have due to space limitations.
2005-12-22 20:41:32 UTC
my favorite thing in DC is to visit the bureau of engraving and printing. You get to see the money and coins being made. Plus they have a great website
2005-12-23 01:43:53 UTC
Go pester your congressional representative to see if they have some free stuff they can give you. Seriously, it used to work. And plus...they work for you, so why not?

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