what is best place for a family vacation in east coast?
2006-02-13 21:02:19 UTC
what is best place for a family vacation in east coast?
One answer:
2006-02-14 04:33:23 UTC
it depends on how much you want to spend and how old your children are. if your children are a little bit older, charleston, south caroline is nice. the town itself is so neat--with all the old southern mansions not that far away. they also have a little island right off the coast of charleston called "kiawah" that is a great place to rent a beach house for a while. they also have a ton of activities for kids to do. virginia beach is also a great place to vacation. they have a huge board walk with bike rentals and a lot of things to do. also, not too far away from it is colonial williamsburg. you could always take a day or two to drive up there while you're staying at the beach. if anyone in your family is interested in history, this is a great place to go. if you're planning a trip in the summertime then maybe consider the upper new england states. florida is also great. those are just a couple suggestions, without knowing what time you want to travel, how old your kids are and how much you want to spend.

**then i would definetly do the williamsburg trip. you could spend a couple days there and then make the 45 min trip to virginia beach if you'd like. the weather down there should be pretty decent and comfortable for walking around all day long. you have to pay for tickets to colonial williamsburg, however if you get off at exit 258B (off of I-64 E)--it's route 17 (j.clyde morris blvd). you'll take that down for about 5 miles--before you get to the bridge (where there's a toll)--there's a road to your right (warwick dr.--make right). then make almost an immediate left onto surrender rd. this will take you down to the historical battlefield (that you can walk around and listen to a park tour)--it's interesting because they fought 2 major wars there, civil and revolutionary. they still have a lot of the old cannons there set up. right around the corner from there is yorktown beach. they are just starting to put in a boardwalk down there with a bunch of little shops. it's not as commercialized as virginia beach or as crowded. it's worth it to go. have fun!

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