what's a cool club for rock music in DC?
2006-01-26 00:18:37 UTC
my group will be doing a show in baltimore late march early feb. looking for a cool club to book in DC
One answer:
Dr. Extraordinary
2006-01-26 01:27:26 UTC
Cool that you have "dot com" in your band name. Very retro!

9:30 Club is DC's top venue for rock bands, but unsigned and indie bands usually go for the Black Cat, which is where cooler bands tend to play before they become the Foo Fighters. Check out their listings online to get an idea who plays there.

The newest venue is DC9, a smaller place not far from the 9:30. It draws a similar crowd as Black Cat, maybe a little more electro/indie rock and less punk. If you can't book one of those clubs in time, there's Galaxy Hut and IOTA in Arlington, VA, which draw smaller crowds but a lot of good rock and indie bands play there before moving up to the Black Cat.

Your band's MP3s sound good. You should go for the Black Cat.

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