How do airlines accomidate for those in wheelcairs?
2006-02-16 10:40:30 UTC
How do airlines accomidate for those in wheelcairs?
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2006-02-16 10:55:12 UTC
You should note this when you book. What they will usually do is send someone to help you with the individual. When you land someone will be there or be coming to help. Usually they will have people with someone in a wheelchair board first. This way they have plenty of time to get to their seat and not be rushed by other passengers. Once they are in their seat others will start to board.

Sometimes they will put your wheelchair under the plane while in flight and they will get you around in a wheelchair from the airport. Other times they will keep your wheel chair with the strollers. They also have sky cabs that you can get if you need to get to another gate quickly.

I hope this helps
2006-02-17 02:13:31 UTC
I used to work for an airline, and they are great now adays, because if you face a problem its REALLY easy to report it to the DOT or FAA.

I would sugguest going with a low fare carrier (except Southwest) as that where the best customer service is.

Just call the airline in advance and let them know.....

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