What are the most fun things to do in WDC for kids 3-8?
ace misha
2005-12-11 01:27:08 UTC
I'm traveling with a child of 3 and a child of 8. I'll be spending a week and would like them to have the time of their lives. What can you recommend?
Two answers:
2005-12-14 12:33:48 UTC
My kids are around the same ages. Our first choice in Washington, D.C. is the Air and Space Museum on the Mall. It has a clean, comfortable MacDonald's for lunch. Great exhibits, huge variety, fabulous time. Plan to spend 3-4 hours there.

The Smithsonian would be my second choice.
2006-01-05 19:21:48 UTC
absolutely nothing. DC is a dump, it's a very dirty city (except downtown is clean) and the monuments are disappointing. The white house is very small, however I liked the washington monument, it is very tall.

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